About The Server


TechShell, as stated in the home page, is a web hosting service that started off as a home experiment, to push the limits of a consumer-grade laptop for use as both a web server & an SSH server. The ultimate test for this server (to perform under public usage) was a success, in spite of ISP issues. TechShell's original plan was for a public web service, free of cost to users who required access to such things as SSH or a web host, but due to rising ISP & hardware maintenance costs, TechShell offers both free & paid services.

For anyone curious about the hardware specifications of the TechShell server, here they are:

  • Model: Dell Precision T5500 Workstation
  • Processor: Intel Xeon X5647 (x2 installed, 2.93 GHz quadcore, 2 threads per core, 64-bit addressing)
  • Hard Drive: 8 TB SATA HDD, with possibility of expansion
  • Operating System: Xubuntu GNU/Linux (64-bit version)

So far, these specifications are more than enough to actually run a small server. As a matter of fact, for the curious & inspired computer hobbyist wanting to explore the world of system administration, server software is available for many operating system & computers that can support internet connectivity, including DOS-based IBM PC XT & even Commodore 64 computers (running the Contiki operating system). However, unlike such older systems, modern hardware & software is much easier to maintain.